Who is your Morning call? Is it your mummy, alarm clock, telephone or your honey?
In Hua Ge hotel, it may be awaken your day up truely by bird calls, warm sunshine and nutrition vigor breakfast.  
On the top floor of our hotel, we provide buffet for vigor breakfast everyday. Except for the fine and multiplication on breakfast, the whole view on the top is also the best part of our hotel. At the same time when you enjoy meal, you can have a look on the light smoke and green forest near you and when it is clear and sunshine to look out into the landmark of the Yilan as "Guishan Island".
◎Breakfast period:AM   07:00-10:00
◎Fare: adult:NT$ 250   child:(120cm-150cm):NT$ 180
all above mentioned prices will be included 10% service charge.

Characters for Jiaosi---introduction for delicious food
To the local resident in Jiaosi, hot spring is not only for SPA bath, also develops the hot spring vegetables, hot spring mineral water, hot spring cultivation and many others different industries and so on.
Because Jiaosi hot spring water purity also including the mineral substance in addition the temperature as normal water, it's very good for growing of vegetables, therefore, Jiaosi hot spring vegetables tastes sweet in the mouth also crispy.
The most famous hot spring water spinach, the hot spring turtle, the hot spring gourd, the hot spring rice and so on, all of them are Jiaosi unique agriculture fishing produces, 'water spinach, Jao Bai Son, tomato, gourd' got good reputation calling as "hot spring 4 treasures".
Produces besides Jiaosi unique agriculture & fishing, the Yilan characteristic good food has the liver, the reserved duck meat, the dessert, taro pudding, lu jou, meat and so on.