Outdoor SPA area
In Hua Ge outdoor SPA area, it combines with the popular hydrotherapy ideas and Jiaosi hot spring effect and offers the multiple choices for the people who like SPA and knows how to keep healthy for themselves.
Indoor activity including: infrared oven, steam room, hot spring pool, ice pool and ice pillow; and ourdoor activity including: family umbrella waterfall, water gum, hydro pressure impact, air bubble massage bed and acupuncture point massage bath.
After you enjoying the SPA then you can take a rest in our outdoor Chinese style pavilion to see the beautiful light smoke and the nature landscape among those hills in front of you, and you can hear those kids laughs in the SPA area just like angels, this is the attitude we always looking for treating guests in friendly and sweet ways in Hua Ge.

House SPA for family
The only one house SPA which you don't need to reserve here, the pool is made of Yilan stones and it can be enjoyed with much fun by many people as all your family and good friends together at one time.
There are many children favorite cartoon characters and designs on the wall, whenever it is summer for fun or winter for SPA, it will be the amazing experiences for all your family.

Guest  1 hour NT$ 200      ,       No-Guest 1 hour NT$ 880

Outdoor foot pond
There is a outdoor foot pond just In front of our hotel square which is the best relaxing place for all of our guests here. You can enjoy green from the natural and moving light smoke among hills at the daytime and also enjoy star light and bright moon light during the night time here. Wow, it is really very comfortable to be here!

Our hotel is not only provides with Jiaosi delicious food, also bike road suggestion map, you can ride a bike freely on the country road in Jiaosi farms and fields and you can see many good scenery on Jiaosi streets, it is really good place to relax yourself and enjoy the tranquality. Of course, you can step on the bicycle to look for the good local food and taste different local delicious cuisines and dishes, it is so enjoyable to the gluttous most likes!

 Computer games, playground and tea time
To be satisfied with your family, kids for leisure time to have a wonderful vacation in Hua Ge, our SPA bathing counter well prepared with all kinds of chess for free, you just need to register your name on there.