Jiaosi hot spring is called as "Beautiful Women Soup", hot spring advertisement stands in great numbers and hot spring hotels are every where closely. Among those hot spring market, Hua Ge hot spring hotel is just located on opposite of Jiaosi Park, it appears especially peaceful from those crowed hotels. Take the purple red as main key logo, it just like the elegant butterfly-orchid, it shows the big difference between Hua Ge and other surrounding hot spring hotels.
" Feeling is quite great! " , this is coming from most of Hua Ge guest at most of time, more than 40 guest rooms fully displaying the best space and comfortableness, the out looking construction and internal decoration are both mixed with  the modern and classicism.
We try to use the most special materials to build this hotel regardless of matched colors, the installment...., they make all guests feeling wam in every where here and you can see how much we care about our guests when they are here with us.
In Hua Ge, there are no large quantity of passengers for making noisy and quarrel, we only provide with clean, pure, quiet and relaxed housing feels to all our guests here. And the most important is our sweet, friendly care and natural service from our reception personnel, this also is our arrogant hotel guest room philosophy.